Fit Snack was founded in 2014 by Rose Muniz (now Biel) in Denver, CO. Rose was a young professional working in a fast-paced environment and found it hard to squeeze in good nutrition to maintain the stamina she needed to get through her day.

Through Rose’s education in nutrition, she found the snack industry had evolved into real food options with optimal nutrition in mind. However, finding these snacks was still far and few between, as they had to be sought out. Not all grocery stores carry the same products, especially the smaller, healthier brands. Rose was inspired to solve the problem that so many of us face the nuisance of finding healthy snacks while closing the nutritional gap. 

Healthy snacks delivered to your door. Every month, a box is delivered to your door that contains 10+ snacks that have to meet Fit Snacks' nutritional criteria by containing two or more of the following: GMO-free, high in protein, low in sugar, gluten-free, organic, raw, or all-natural ingredients. To inspire a healthy lifestyle, Fit Snack also provides a holistic approach to healthy living through a digital collection of nutritional information, recipes, Shaman meditations, and cardio and yoga video tutorials. In addition, Fit Snack has now expanded into an Employee Wellness Program.

 Fit Snack has also made it its mission to give back to kids. Fit Snack believes the education of good nutrition should begin with children. Roe grew up in Henderson, CO., a rural area 30 minutes outside of Denver and 15 minutes away from any major grocery store. She remembers the challenges in gaining access to healthy food. For many people, constraints with time, money, and transportation make it especially difficult to gain access to good nutrition. With this in mind, she made it her goal to donate a portion of boxes to local charities focused on children.