Fit Snack FAQ


What will I get every month?

Your boxes will come packed with the best healthy snacks we can find.  While the contents vary month by month, you will ALWAYS get a great variety. Your box also includes your Fit Life Guide, every month you receive yoga, a workout challenge, meditation, healthy recipes, nutrition tips, mindfulness tips and snack discounts. Be sure to take advantage of all we offer so that you can get the most out of your subscription. Each month, you can repeat your videos, building up your mind, body and soul muscles, knowing that the next month, you will have all new videos! 

I have a special request for a box? I have an allergy or special diet can I get a box that fits my diet. (GF, vegan, dairy free etc.)

At Fit Snack we value variety, while focusing ensuring each product always contains at least two of the following: 

GMO Free, High in Protein, Low in Sugar, Gluten Free, Organic, Raw, Vegan and All Natural. 

90% of our boxes are GF. If there is an item that is not GF and you have celiac disorder, then we recommend sharing! 

Our boxes are typically gender neutral, however, from time to time - we love to feature gender specific proteins.  If you receive one of these products and it does not match your gender - please share.  

Something was open/missing from my box. What should I do?

Ohhhh nooooo! If you received a shipment that was either missing items or something was open, please email us at [email protected] and we will either give you some credit or send you replacement items (if still in stock).


When do you send out boxes?

We generally send out boxes around the 20th of every month. You will get an email notification and your tracking number will be on your account.


How do the referrals work?

In your account, you will find your personal link. Copy and paste that link and share it with your friends! For every friend who joins up, you get a $5 credit. It's that easy! 


I just want to check it out. Do you offer trial boxes?

We do not have enough of these big boxes of deliciousness to ship out trials, but you are welcome to order one with a monthly subscription and set your account to pause or deactivate after the first box ships. If you like it, all you need to do is log in and resume your membership by picking a new plan that works for you!


Do you sell past boxes?

As long as we haven't sold out, we will last month's box. We also sell current boxes in bulk, please email [email protected] and we will get you all setup. 


What’s the theme for this month?

We do not have monthly themes. We simply strive to curate the absolute best healthy snack box each and every month. We announce sneak peeks via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our monthly newsletter. 


Can I pause my subscription online?

Absolutely.  If you need to take a break from your monthly Fit Snack box, that’s no problem!  You can pause your subscription directly from your account page once you log in.  Shipments will resume once paused number of months has passed - and you can always extend your pause from your account.  The pause will go into effect immediately. If you decide you want to un-pause before the time is up, simply login to your account and select 'unpause'. 


Can I cancel my subscription online?

Absolutely.  We will be sad to see you go, but if you must, you can cancel directly from your account page once you log in.  We make it simple - just a few clicks. You don’t have to call or e-mail anyone.  Once you cancel, you won’t be billed anymore, although you will still get any months you prepaid for if you joined under our 3, 6 or 12 months plans!

Cancel and need a refund?

A request for a refund must be sent within 24 hours of the charge. 

For Monthly subscribers, we ship the same week your account is charged. If you contact us after the 24 hours we will not be able to process a refund - as your box will be in transit. You must cancel before the 7th of the month if you do not wish to be billed, we make cancellation simple if you have any issues email [email protected] and we will fix it immediately.

Are gifts recurring? 

No, they are not.  If a gift recipient would like to continue to receive Fit Snacks, they will need to add their plan of choice to their account. 


I signed up for one month, why are you billing me again?

We are a subscription based company and are set to charge and ship on a recurring basis. We ensure it is easy for you to cancel/pause your account at any time. You can do this online from your account page once you log in.


When do you bill for the boxes?

We will bill you the 2nd week of the month. If you have a monthly subscription, it will be every month; a three-month subscription will be billed every three months; etc.


How do I change my credit card information?

Log in to your account and scroll down to the box that says “My Subscription”. Under the box that shows your plan, you will see your payment information. Click “Update” to put in your current credit card.


If I need to cancel in the middle of a longer plan, will I still get my shipments?

Yes, you will get all remaining shipments on your plan and it will automatically deactivate after the last one ships out. Your plan will not automatically renew.


Can I cancel in the middle of a subscription and get my money back?

Nope. We understand commitment is hard, but that’s part of the deal. If you’re not sure that Fit Snack is the thing for you, maybe try us out for a month or three to see how yummy we are! Of course, if you cancel in the middle of a subscription, we'll continue to ship you any months you have prepaid for. You will also be welcome to gift your remaining boxes to a friend or donate your boxes to the Boys and Girls Club 


What countries do you ship to?

In the upper right corner of our home page is a drop down box set to the US, select it and it will show all of the countries we currently ship to.  Shipping costs will automatically adjust in the "Select A Plan" section of our website when a new country is selected.  


I don’t see my country listed, but want to get a box. How do I do this?

We add countries to our shipping list based on the demand for it. If you don’t see your country listed, send us an email at [email protected] and tell us! Once we have enough requests, we will add it to the list, so tell your friends!


I got an e-mail saying that my box was shipping, but I still don’t have it.

It can take 2-3 weeks for international shipments to arrive, and we are not currently able to provide tracking information for those boxes. It takes maximum time of 3 weeks if a box is held up at customs - as time in customs varies.


How long does it take for my box to ship?

Once USPS has picked up the boxes from our facility, your package ships within 2 - 4 day transit in the U.S. Outside of the U.S., transit times will vary based on your location, but typically you will allow 1 to 2 weeks - sometimes up to 3 weeks for delivery. 

I got an e-mail saying my label was printed, but the package hasn’t moved yet. Where is my box? I really need my box! I'm HUNGRY! 

When your label is printed, it means it’s time to start processing the shipments. This includes packing boxes. The process can sometimes take a few days, and we do it all by hand, so please be patient. 

It has been over a week and my package seems to be stuck somewhere. What am I supposed to do now? 

On occasion, we do have packages that get lost in transit. If this appears to have happened to your box, please contact us at [email protected]. We will send you a replacement immediately and file a claim with the Post Office.

Where can I change my shipping address?

Log in to your account and scroll down to the area that says “My Subscription”. On the right hand side of the box you will see a button below your shipping address that reads “Edit”. Click it and enter your current shipping address.

Yoga, Workouts and Meditation

All Fit Life Guides are published via our website. Please access your latest workouts, yoga, meditation, recipes, nutrition tips and mindfulness tips to get the most out of your subscription! You know the password ;) It's the same every month and located on your Fit Life Guide inside your box. 

Thanks for reading!  If you have additional questions, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.